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Connecting Communities: First stop Clarksville, TN

Updated: Jun 28, 2019

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Like any organization or business, we have a lot of goals with Thyme Heals LLC and one of our goals is to be the connector of communities. Throughout our journey, you will be able to see us visit different places around the United States and this article is the result of our first trip. Recently we took a trip to Tennessee and we had the opportunity to visit an amazing organization that is helping those that have been sexually abused. The Sexual Assault Center is located in Nashville and Clarksville, Tennessee. We had the chance to actually visit the Clarksville location. They have many advocacy and counseling services for sexual assault and rape survivors and the non-offending family and friends of the abused. Let's jump in to this organization and who we met.

Therapeutic space of Ms. Tomaszewski

We had the opportunity to meet Nicolette Tomaszewski and she is the clinical Manager and lead therapist. It was cool to hear how she was one of the key factors in the growth of the Clarksville location. Right now she is leading a therapy group for adolescents that have been victims of sexual assault. In this weekly group meeting, they are focusing on body positivity and how going through sexual assault might have affected their perspective of their body. This type of group meeting is something we feel like should be essential to any program! After someone has been assaulted, a lot of things change with your mental state and it’s refreshing to know someone is out here not only allowing space to talk about the changes but also is giving healthy tips for how to deal with those issues.

Therapeutic space of Ms. Melton

We also met Julia Melton. She is another therapist in the Clarksville location and she is one of a few therapists that actually have grants that help her give free counseling sessions. This is huge for some of her clients that might not be able to afford counseling services. Ms. Tomaszewski can bill your insurance, which is also a great option. Both of these amazing women also let us know about how open their program is even beyond free counseling services. They accept ANYONE. This is big for us because a lot of the time men don’t have places for counseling services and members of the LGBTQ community can face discrimination or are under the assumption that you can’t be assault if you are in a homosexual relationship or just identify under the spectrum(we will be diving into this in a future article).

By accepting anyone, this also means that they accept clients across state lines. Organizations might try their best to refer you to advocacy in your area, but sometimes you need to get away from around where your attacker is. If you are able to go to a completely different state and be welcomed with services, that can change your life. Matter of fact, that can save a life. Everyone deserves advocacy and counseling, we still are living in a world where the mindset is basic. To see an organization open its doors to anyone, this gives us a warm feeling of hope. This is just a small spotlight on a grand organization.

Please check out their website and dive into the website and all that they offer. We didn’t even highlight half of what they do, but we want to talk about something that stood out to us.

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