• Thyme Noel

Connecting Communities: Coming Home

As many of our followers know, we recently held a Back to School event in our home of Norfolk, Virginia a few weeks ago. We set up in front of Norview Middle School and the turn out we had was phenomenal. We did not expect as many people as we got, but we are so grateful that everyone came out. We want to thank Melanin Messages and Howl for their contributed efforts. So many people were interest in the photo booth brought by Melanin Messages. Howl was a hit with the security software we had. We still have everyone who was interested down to be the first to get the news when the update comes out. Last, but not least, We want to thank everyone who was involved with working this event. From face painting to passing out pizza, this event could not have been such a success without all of you. Please enjoy the collage of photos from the event and stay tuned for more updates on future events and articles to come.

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