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Community Spotlight #2

Thank you for checking out our second community spotlight blog. In this blog we will be talking about Ms. Kathryn Cooke. She is the volunteer and outreach coordinator of the YWCA in the Hampton Roads area. When the opportunity arose, we were eager to interview her because she is such a crucial part in gathering people together to get involved with helping others. She gave us a lot of advice and information. We will also have a separate blog detailing some of the programs she told us about, but for now let’s dive into why Ms. Cooke is so involved.

From a very young age, she always gravitated to community service and as she got older, that solidified what she wanted to do with her life. After graduating from Virginia Wesleyan University, she worked with the Samaritan house here in Norfolk, Va. She handled the call centers. While she was there, she frequently crossed paths with members of the YWCA because Samaritan house and the YWCA do work close together. That is when she then went for the volunteer and outreach position at the YWCA and got it.

Since becoming the volunteer and outreach coordinator, she has taken full advantage of the teaching aspects of her job. Beforehand she did a lot of hands on work with people, but now she can take what she learned through all these years to teach inspire and teach others. If anyone is looking for volunteer hours or want to help the community anyway possible, please email Ms. Cooke at Check out the next blog post for all of the programs and helpful tools she informed us about.

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