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Community Spotlight Issue #1

Welcome to the first issue of “Community Spotlight”. With this series, we are going to highlight those in the community that are doing their part to spread love, hope and positivity. We just started steadily becoming involved in our community, and with all the amazing individuals we meet, we want to share what they do and how they are affecting their community in a positive way. In this first issue, we will shine the spotlight on a truly genuine individual who has started something great in the Hampton Roads community; Thyme Heals had the pleasure of giving our first major donation to her mission.

Miss Nikita Jones, a young soul from Richmond, Virginia, has been through everything and still perseveres. Despite being adopted into a family and gaining several siblings, she still felt a sense of loneliness and exclusion. She was taught to be independent, and by the age 17 learned that she had to make things happen on her own, as well as prove to everyone that nothing would bring her down. Many would let the negativity consume them, but not Miss Nikita. The type of positivity that beams off her. Others can’t help but to smile in her presence. Nikita has channeled her independent spirit and positive attitude into her organization. After moving to Hampton Roads, she saw a man wearing shorts in the dead of winter and her heart broke. She told us, “No one should have to live like that and have to worry about where they are going to get food and clothing.” The following summer she had a formed a great organization and was giving out her first set of gift bags to youth girls in homeless shelters. It was essential for her to make gift bags because she wanted the girls to feel good about themselves. Her organization is called Project Connect 757. Not only does she donate to those less fortunate with this group she has put together, but she also uses her social media to promote events going on in the community and some of these events she is a host of herself. Thyme Heals met Nikita at her Pop-up art event, it was a marvelous sight to see artists and creatives of different avenues came together for the cause of celebrating the spread of positivity. The one message strives to leave is to STAY CONNECTED. If you see someone struggling, it doesn’t matter if it is a family member, friend, neighbor, it is our duty to help them in the best way possible.

For more information, follow Nikita’s Instagram for Project Connect 757(@projectconnect757) and follow her instagram (@shortieeeduop) and on both accounts you can find about donations that are needed and see the events that are happening in our community. May 19th she is having a “Good Mood Food” fest, so be on the lookout for that and Thyme Heals will also keep you updated. That concludes our first issue! Thank you for everyone that took the time to read this community spotlight.

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